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Who is behind the brand?

Nige is a freelance photographer specialising in Commercial, Portraiture, and Reportage Event photography. He has over 14 years of creative experience with results that have generated a client base whom trust and respect his visions. Nige’s visually striking images have afforded him the pleasure of working with a variety of commercial cliental, as well as private individuals.

With his years of experience dealing with people, he has the ability to understand what the client wants and expects from their booking.

What makes Perfect Imagery different from its competitors?

Perfect Imagery is a brand which is small enough to care, yet skillful enough to deliver. The brand has naturally grown by word of mouth over the years due to Nige’s drive and focus on delivering quality, not volume.

Each commission is tailored to meet the client’s needs and expectations, not the photographers. The kind testimonials he has received confirms that Nige has a winning formula of creativity and quality, mixed with honesty. This is the core value of him and his company.

Nige predominately uses professional Nikon equipment which is professionally maintained by a third party. Thereby qualifying him as a registered Nikon Professional User.

So what does Nige do in his downtime? You guessed it he takes pictures and helps others improve on their own photography skills.

How can Perfect Imagery deliver consistently?

Nige takes the time to talk to you to learn all about your ideas and your desired results. The first questions Nige is likely to ask you if you are a business: What do you do? What are you using the images for; social media or marketing? What is your timescale? Noncommercial customers get the same level of questioning, as it is just as important to fully understand the type of booking you are enquiring about.

This way Nige can visualise the final results from your perspective. Perfect Imagery delivers bespoke imagery that is tailored for you and your targeted audience, whether it’s for commercial purposes or for your family and friends.

So, regardless of the size of your booking, you will always get a tailor-made approach and a service you can trust.

Please take a look at my portfolio samples and you will see how diverse Perfect Imagery truly is.

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